Matrix Revolutions, The (2003)

Director:  Andy & Lana Wachowski
Cast:  Keanu ReevesLaurence FishburneCarrie-Anne Moss
Plot:  The human city of Zion defends itself against the massive invasion of the machines as Neo fights to end the war at another front, while also opposing the rogue Agent Smith.

Genre:  Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Awards:  -
Runtime:  129min
Rating:  NC16 for sci-fi violence and brief sexual content.


The Matrix Revolutions represent what's so good (and bad) about the franchise. This is the weakest installment of the lot. It's technically incredible, with all the computer wizardry, and CGI technology involved in creating the thirty-minute 'Machines attack Zion' sequence. The might of the Machine army is fully captured, but is more horrific than thrilling. Other than this stunning achievement, the whole film is shot in a manner similar to The Matrix Reloaded, which means bad acting, and lots of crazy Neo Vs Agent Smith(s) sequences.

This time Neo (Keanu Reeves) becomes less of Superman, and more of a mortal being (which means we see Reeves' try very hard to believe he can act without shades, and black suits.) The plot gets predictably more complex, and with a terribly-written love story in place, it's a matter of time before the whole trilogy crashes disappointingly, coming to an abrupt stop with faltering brakes. The Matrix trilogy could have been a classic like Star Wars. And I emphasize the 'could have been'.

The Wachowskis' decision to direct Reloaded and Revolutions back-to-back, and to release them only six months apart, is a professional mistake. The consequence? A less-focused Revolutions. And creating the 'Matrix fatigue' syndrome. Sure it's a money-grabbing business, but I'm sure most viewers are skeptical about how the way the film-makers are earning their money. An eye candy, the final installment lacks the ingenuity of the first, and the execution of the second. I'm a fan of the whole Matrix concept; it's brilliant that a human mind is able to conceive such a far-fetched concept. But unanswered questions aplenty nonetheless. And the thrill is gone too.

GRADE: B- (7/10 or 3 stars)

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