Surf's Up (2007)

Director: Ash Brannon & Chris Buck
Cast:  Shia LaBeoufZooey DeschanelJon Heder, James Wood, Jeff Bridges
Plot: A behind-the-scenes look at the annual Penguin World Surfing Championship, and its newest participant, up-and-comer Cody Maverick.

Genre:  Animation / Comedy/ Family

Awards:  Nom. for 1 Oscar - Best Animated Feature.
Runtime:  85min
Rating:  G

IN RETROSPECT (Short Review)
We should be wary of penguins.  They are hitting our shores at an alarming rate.  Talking about an influx of foreign talent... We had a glimpse of their presence in Madagascar, their dancing and singing ability in Happy Feet, and their army in the documentary March of the Penguins

Surf's Up might be the last penguin show, but they are leaving an impressive mark as they leave for greener pastures.  Most will be reluctant to view another penguin exhibit, but trust me, this is the real deal.

Surf's Up is a wonderful reminder that the world of animation is not all dull and buried.  Scoring an eight is something extraordinary for an animated picture like Surf's Up.  The animation work is less than glorious, nothing stunning on the palate, and definitely nothing breathtaking.  But Surf's Up scores because of its indifferent approach to film narration.

With voice-overs to die for, and incredible character development and interaction, the inventive screenplay and witty script more than make up for the average animation on display.  The behind-the-scenes approach results in a documentary-like feel to Surf's Up

The themes of 'winning isn't everything' and 'it's friendship that you forge that counts' has been repeated time and time again in many films, but never so strongly like that in Surf's Up.  It's the most quirky of all penguin shows.  And yes, it's the best one ever.


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