Knocked Up (2007)

Director: Judd Apatow
Plot: For fun loving party animal Ben Stone, the last thing he ever expected was for his one night stand to show up on his doorstep eight weeks later to tell him she's pregnant.

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance
Awards: -
Runtime: 129min
Rating: M18 for sexual content, drug use and language.



It's the first time this year that I left the cinema hall with an aftertaste sweeter than candy. Sitting earnestly through the end credits, I reflected and realized that I've just witnessed a special film. Unbelievably, Knocked Up is just Judd's Apatow's (The 40-Year Old Virgin) second feature film. He has that rare talent of crafting top notch romantic comedies, a genre that has been plagued by insipid offerings for a long time.

Knocked Up is an absorbing and immersing movie experience. Yes, it's a rude movie, with almost a whole encyclopedia of all things (mostly sexual in nature) discriminatory and vulgar, Yes, it may be a trifle too long, running at slightly over two hours. But it drives the message of responsibility deep into us. That's the most important thing Knocked Up should be remembered for. It boasts skilled direction, and a script so witty and detailed that no one would've left the theater unimpressed.

The cast makes it all happen so naturally. Not only does everyone identify clearly with their respective roles, moreover they are able to relate to each other so perfectly to the extent that viewers see them work as a productive ensemble. Romantic comedies are often accused of lacking character depth. However, Knocked Up defies the trend, ensuring that each character has enough screen time to endear to us.

The whole cast (and viewers too) are brought together in the final twenty minutes to observe a crowning moment in film - a graphic birth-giving sequence that's jolting yet remarkably tear-jerking. Knocked Up will probably be one of 2007's most hilarious films. Even so, it remains surprisingly refreshing and retains enough emotional value which might just land it a coveted spot in my Top 5 at the end of the year. Knocked Up will definitely be a classic in years to come.

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