The Simpsons Movie (2007)

Director: David Silverman
Cast: Dan CastellanetaJulie KavnerNancy Cartwright 
Plot: When Homer mistakenly pollutes the river with toxic waste from his "Pig Crap" silo, he causes the EPA to encase Springfield in a glass dome, and must save them before President Schwarzenegger gives the order for the town to be destroyed.

Genre: Animation/Comedy

Awards: Nom. for 1 Golden Globe - Best Animated Feature.
Runtime: 87min
Rating: NC16 for coarse language.



IN RETROSPECT (Short Review)

When there's a will, there's a way. After almost two decades, the unorthodox dysfunctional family of four-fingered yellow beings finally hits the big screen. Our patience is well-rewarded as this is one of 2007's better offerings. Apart from the stimulating David Fincher's crime drama Zodiac and the surprise hit in Surf's Up, The Simpsons Movie is the other film so far this year that truly entertained me thus far.

Viewers are sucked into hilarious circumstances one after another, accompanying the Simpsons family from their hometown in Springfield to Alaska and back again in what is easily a typical 'superhero saves the day' popcorn flick packaged in more style and substance than mediocre summer blockbusters such as Transformers and Die Hard 4.0. There is plentiful of witty dialogue in The Simpsons Movie, using references from iconic films like Akira to Titanic, invoking laugh-out-loud moments that punctuates consistently throughout the feature.

The animation is well-done, and the direction by David Silverman (Monsters, Inc.) is focused and steady. What viewers get is nearly 90min of fun-filled entertainment that will leave many with wry grins on their way to the exit. Some will leave yearning for more, but most will be satisfied at what they have seen. The Simpsons Movie lives up to its hype, and is a nostalgic reminder of the past when we used to sit in our couches with our families just after dinner on a weekday to catch a family of yellow blundering beings going about their, well, blundering business.

GRADE: B+ (8/10 or 3.5 stars)

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